Stipend, Incentives, and Benefits

Stipend is determined by the number of post graduate years completed and is based according to the Utah State Cost of Living Index, and the National Cost of Living Index. Therefore, it is subject to change each year. Incentive is paid on a percentage basis and is only limited by the amount of call the fellow would like to take. Additional call dates are always available but are not required.


  1. Medical Malpractice Liability Coverage for the one year duration.
  2. Hospital Dues for Primary Children’s Medical Center.
  3. Paid Vacation Time. Two weeks of paid vacation time will be allowed throughout the fellowship year. There will be no vacation time allotted during the last month of the fellowship year.
  4. Paid Conference. One meeting a year will be financed up to $1,500. The fellow is encouraged to attend the yearly American Cleft Palate Association meeting.
  5. Health Care Insurance Coverage is an available negotiated option.